Merino Wool

A 100% natural fiber, merino wool has several highly functional features. Of these, some of the most important are that it doesn’t stink when you sweat and that it still warms you when it’s wet. Only the finest merino wool, which doesn’t itch, is used for t-shirts, underwear, etc. For this reason, products made from merino wool are slightly more expensive than the alternatives, but they often last longer.


Even when wool is wet from sweat, it still warms you. This is thanks to an exothermic process: The proteins in the fibers warm up as soon as they become wet.


Wool is comfortable at a broad range of temperatures and does not feel stuffy, even when it’s really warm. This is thanks to small air chambers between the crimped wool fibers.


Wool can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet to the touch. The body’s natural method of cooling itself with sweat is not hampered by the wool.


Merino wool has an anti-bacterial effect because the surface of the fiber is scaled. This means that it is difficult for nasty odors to form.


Merino wool makes use of natural resources, regrows regularly and does not require any ingredients other than water, fresh air, sun and grass. It is also up to 100% biodegradable and does not require any chemicals.


A multi-functional and sustainable alternative to synthetics. A bit more expensive but longer-lasting and, above all, less likely to emit odor – so you need fewer changes of clothes on long tours.