Fibo Thermal

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Color: Star White
Size: S
FiboThermal (M) Size Chart

 Men's T-shirt

Size  Height Weight Chest Hem Mid-back length
S 165-173 60-70 87-94 72-79 60.8
M 170-178 65-75 91-98 76-83 62.8
L 170-183 70-80 94-102 79-87 64.8
XL 180-188 78-88 100-110 85-95 66.8


Men's Leggings

Size  Height Weight Waist Hips Inner length
S 165-173 60-70 72-79 85-92 64
M 170-178 65-75 76-83 90-98 65
L 170-183 70-80 79-87 96-104 66
XL 180-188 78-88 85-95 102-110 67

*The normal range typically encompasses an error of approximately 5 cm, which can be attributed to variations in measurement techniques and discrepancies between products derived from different batches.

Style: Top

Designed for extremely cold winter conditions, this high-insulation woolen long-sleeve T-shirt and pants set.

Made with 17.5µm Merino wool from Australia, obtained through non-mulesing practices to protect the animals.

Utilizes patented fiber technology LincSpun® from New Zealand, ensuring long-lasting durability and a soft, comfortable feel for the wool blend.

Crafted using seamless one-piece weaving technology, tailored to the varying insulation needs of different body areas.

Provides moderate compression.

17.5 microns (µm)

Merino Wool

Our knits that are 17.5µm thick are significantly thinner than the human itching threshold of 25µm. This means that they are very soft and gentle on the skin. The fine texture of these knits makes them perfect for individuals with sensitive skin.

Temperature Control

Stay comfortable in any weather

Moisture Management

Stay dry and fresh

Breathable Comfort

Enjoy all-day comfort

Natural Odor Defense

Stay fresh, naturally

Durable Performance

Gear built to last


Sustainable choices for a better world